Winter Activities

In the winter, we are available to take groups on single-day or multi-day snowshoe and cross-country ski trips. On multi-day winter trips we usually stay in a lodge, hostel or backcountry hut, although we can also take more experienced groups on winter camping trips.

Single-day winter trips are ideal for groups that are new to Crossing the Divide as well as groups that went on a summer or fall trip, and want to build on their experience.

What to Expect

Winter activities are all unique. Besides it being cold, the only other common denominator is the fun factor. Contact us and lets talk.

Program Fees

Our goal is to make the wilderness safe, affordable and accessible. We provide guides, gear and food at no cost. However, we do require clients to pay a membership fee based on trip length and the number of participants.

Cancellation Policy

Two weeks before your trip, we must have confirmation of the numbers of participants and their waivers.

If you cancel your trip within two weeks of the start date, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of $150. This is to cover the costs of planning the trips (admin hours, prep time, groceries, etc.)

Please note: If your trip involves third party gear rental (stand-up paddleboards, white water rafting, rock climbing, etc.), you may be charged additional cancellation fees. This depends on if we can get reimbursed for the rentals/fees that we have incurred. We understand that there are many factors out of your control, but please remember that the cancellation of a trip means another group didn’t have that chance to go. If you do need to cancel, the earlier we know the better as we may be able to fill the trip with another group.

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