Who We Work With

We provide outdoor experiences for Alberta’s at-risk and disadvantaged youth

We work primarily with at-risk and disadvantaged youth from all over Alberta, although the majority come from Calgary and the surrounding area. They come from group homes and community sentencing programs, as well as other programs that serve at-risk and disadvantaged youth both inside and outside “the system”. Many of our clients have never experienced camping, hiking or the backcountry. Some have never had the opportunity to spend extended time in a natural setting. All can benefit from the teamwork, self-confidence and self-awareness that come from escaping their situations and taking part in a mountain adventure that pushes them out of their comfort level.

“At-risk” and “disadvantaged” can mean different things to different people. When it comes to getting out into the backcountry, or even going to front-country campgrounds accessible by car, we’re talking about youth who don’t have access and/or opportunity. Beyond youth who are in the social services system, lack of access and opportunity can be caused by factors that range from cultural issues faced by new Canadians who do not know how to access the types of experiences we provide, to youth and families who do not have the economic means to get out on their own.

We also work with organizations that are not primarily youth focused. In the past, this has included addiction treatment centers that serve all populations. If you aren’t sure whether your group meets our criteria, we encourage you to contact us.

Organizations we’ve worked with

Crossing the Divide Experience works with a broad range of organizations that provide services to at-risk and disadvantaged youth, as well as organizations that work with other populations in need. A select list of organizations that we’ve worked recently includes: