About Us

Our name and mission draw inspiration from the Continental Divide, a geographical feature that spans from north to south along the crest of the Rocky Mountains. Imagine pouring a cup of water on this divide: half of it would journey westward, eventually reaching the Pacific Ocean, while the other half would flow eastward, finding its way into either the Arctic Ocean or Hudson Bay.

In 1995, we embarked on a journey with marginalized youth and other individuals, guiding them into the pristine backcountry of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Here, we provide them with the opportunity to challenge themselves, build confidence, and develop essential teamwork skills. These transformative experiences empower them to make informed decisions about which direction they want their personal futures to take, bridging the divides in their lives.


A society where all youth have opportunities for meaningful growth and are empowered to develop a healthy self concept and contribute to the health of their community (and environment).


CTD is a registered charity that promotes personal growth through outdoor education for youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity.


Connections enrich the self, the community, and the environment
Accessibility to the wilderness for those that need it most
Meaningful challenge promotes growth and learning
Preparation allows for flexibility in complexity