Canoe Trips

Using our seven-person voyager canoes, we either paddle to a backcountry campsite or to a car-accessible campground that is on a paddle-friendly lake. From there, we explore the surrounding area on day hikes or paddles.

What to Expect

Sitting – Full days of sitting in a canoe, paddling can be hard work. We take breaks when we can, break things up on the water with games when possible.

Sore muscles and scratches – Paddling uses muscles in ways we aren’t used to. Expect to be a little sore, but a good sore! Also, branches scratch arms and legs at camp, that kind of stuff. That’s why the guides carry first aid kits and have extensive wilderness first aid training.

Water – Between sweat and the water the body uses during exercise, you’ll get thirsty. To make sure your body gets enough water to keep you cool and your body hydrated, you’ll be given a water bottle. If that isn’t enough water, the guides carry a water filter to refill your bottle from a stream or lake.

Bonking – Running out of energy, bonking, hitting the wall happens. That’s why it’s important to make sure everyone has breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Emotional ups and downs – These often begin well before your trip as youth worry—understandably—about the trip, which is a big unknown. Know that there will be emotional lows and highs on the trip as everyone is pushed out of their comfort zone by new experiences and challenges, and then overcome the challenges. The lows never last long and every hike ends with a high when we get back to the pull in. Our guides also have experience helping youth work through the lows and turn them into insights.

Fun –  sometimes it’s type 1 (fun that feels fun), sometimes type 2 (fun that doesn’t feel fun at the time, but does when it’s over), but our trips are fun.

Weather – it’s possible to get all four seasons in a day. That’s why we provide wet weather clothing and it’s important to bring everything on your packing list.

Wilderness – different people react differently. Some immediately feel like they’ve come home as they push off from shore, others not so much. The guides will help you work through fear of bears, fear of being lost, fear of swimming, and whatever else comes up. Whether a homecoming or a confrontation with deep dark fears, this is a part of what makes trips so powerful.

Group dynamics – Things change when you take people out of their comfort zones. Sometimes groups come together in ways they didn’t before. Sometimes splits form. Sometimes unlikely leaders emerge. All are learning opportunities.

Learning opportunities – on the water and at camp, guides will bring up things that happened, dynamics observed, and what can be learned.

Pride – Whether you enjoyed the hike or not, you’ll be proud of what you accomplished when you get back to the car. And you should be. What you did isn’t easy. But you did it.

Program Fees

Our goal is to make the wilderness safe, affordable and accessible. We provide guides, gear and food at no cost. However, we do require clients to pay a membership fee based on trip length and the number of participants.

Cancellation Policy

Two weeks before your trip, we must have confirmation of the numbers of participants and their waivers.

If you cancel your trip within two weeks of the start date, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of $150. This is to cover the costs of planning the trips (admin hours, prep time, groceries, etc.)

Please note: If your trip involves third party gear rental (stand-up paddleboards, white water rafting, rock climbing, etc.), you may be charged additional cancellation fees. This depends on if we can get reimbursed for the rentals/fees that we have incurred. We understand that there are many factors out of your control, but please remember that the cancellation of a trip means another group didn’t have that chance to go. If you do need to cancel, the earlier we know the better as we may be able to fill the trip with another group.

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