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Support At-Risk Youth

Our clients rely on support from people like you


Crossing the Divide Experience Ltd. is a registered not-for-profit enterprise. We depend on donations and volunteers to help us raise the funds needed to take at-risk into the outdoors on safe, enriching adventures. Even if we only help one youth get onto a healthier, more productive path each year, every dollar you donate will multiply as that youth gets out of "the system", finds his or her way, and achieves his or her potential to uniquely contribute to society. 


Crossing the Divide Experience is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization. Donations receive a charitable donation tax receipt.


Registered charity #14074 9425 RR0001



Why taking at-risk youth outdoors is important

The benefits to both youth and adults of time spent in nature are backed by a growing body of research. For youths in particular, time outdoors is associated with:


  • Lower rates of anxiety and depression

  • Lower rates of ADHD

  • Lower rates of involvement in the criminal justice system

  • Lower rates of repeat offence for those in the system

  • Higher academic achievement

  • Higher self-confidence

  • Higher self-esteem


The experiences we provide combine these benefits with directed learning opportunities that develop skills in:


  • Teamwork

  • Group dynamics

  • Peer support

  • Leadership


At a minimum, our outdoor experiences give our clients time away from their day-to-day situations and the related stresses, and a glimpse into healthier alternatives and life paths than the ones they may currently be on.


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