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Summer/Fall Programs

Customized Camping, Hiking, Backpacking and Canoe Experiences


Summer is our busiest season, and we encourage you to inquire about availability as early as possible. However, as we get closer to the summer, and throughout the summer, we typically have cancellations due to the nature of scheduling for our at-risk and disadvantage clientele.


Most trips in the summer are four-days and run from Monday to Thursday. In the fall, most trips are either weekend backpacks or day hikes. Regardless of season, all of our trips are customized to our clients, their available time, fitness levels, objectives for the trip, and the policies and procedures of their organizations.

Examples of past trips include:


  • Multi-day backpack trips - Typically four days and three nights, these can involve backpacking to a different backcountry campsite each night or spending multiple nights at a basecamp and exploring the surrounding area.

  • Hybrid backpack/camping trips - A common four-day itinerary consists of the first night at a car-accessible campground, followed by a two-day backpacking trip, and a third night back at a campground.

  • Multi-day camping trips - On multi-day camping trips, we set up a base at a car-accessible campground, and explore the surrounding area on day hikes, paddles in our seven-person voyager canoes and other activities.

  • Multi-day canoe trips - Using our seven-person voyager canoes, we either paddle to a backcountry campsite or to a car-accessible campground that is on a paddle-friendly lake. From there, we explore the surrounding area on day hikes or paddles.

  • Weekend trips - These are usually backpacking trips, although they can also include car accessible campgrounds with day hikes on nearby trails.

  • Day hikes - Depending on your group's experience and fitness levels, these can range from shorter hikes with minimal elevation gains to scenic waterfalls or lakes, to more demanding hikes along mountain ridges or non-technical mountain summits. Day hikes are ideal for both groups that are new to Crossing the Divide and those that went on a multi-day trip and want to build on the experience.


Contact us to confirm a date and start planning your group's trip.


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