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How Much it Costs

Affordable and accessible outdoor experiences

Crossing the Divide Experience is committed to making outdoor experiences affordable and accessible for at-risk and disadvantaged youth. The only costs to our clients are:

  • Membership - To participate in Crossing the Divide Experience activities, your group must be a member. The cost of a Crossing the Divide Membership is based on the size of your group and the length of your trip: $20 x Number of Participants x Number of Days

  • Group Transportation - We transport all outdoor gear and equipment, however our clients are responsible for getting themselves to and from the trailhead or campsite.

Most other costs are covered by Crossing the Divide. These include:

  • All gear, from backpacks to tents, and cooking stoves to water bottles and filters.

  • Cold weather clothing such as fleece jackets and pants, and rainwear.

  • Appropriate food for your trip. Due to the requirements of backcountry food transportation, storage and preparation, we are not able to accommodate groups that want to bring their own food. If members of your group have special dietary requirements, let us know and we can usually accommodate them.

  • Qualified guides with backcountry first aid and activity-specific certifications.

  • Campsite and backcountry camping permits.

  • Lodge or backcountry hut charges, if required.

  • Any required gear rentals.​

If you have any questions or concerns about costs, contact us!

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