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Benefits of Outdoor Experiences

Why taking at-risk youth outdoors is important

The benefits to both youth and adults of time spent in nature are backed by a growing body of research. For youths in particular, time outdoors is associated with:


  • Lower rates of anxiety and depression

  • Lower rates of ADHD

  • Lower rates of involvement in the criminal justice system

  • Lower rates of repeat offence for those in the system

  • Higher academic achievement

  • Higher self-confidence

  • Higher self-esteem


The experiences we provide combine these benefits with directed learning opportunities that develop skills in:


  • Teamwork

  • Group dynamics

  • Peer support

  • Leadership


At a minimum, our outdoor experiences give our clients time away from their day-to-day situations and the related stresses, and a glimpse into healthier alternatives and life paths than the ones they may currently be on.

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